How to Freshen Up the Interior of Your Home

First, we recommend getting rid of the things that you have not used for a long time. The fewer random décor items in your home, the better. The easiest and quickest way to freshen up the interior is to change pillowcases, remove warm, winter blankets, and layout light models in bright colors. Wallpaper with floral prints or geometric shapes in green and yellow, decorative figurines, panels, and other details also diversify the setting.

Fresh flowers can help you with the spring mood. Deciduous trees will give the composition the desired shape and volume, while floral ones will add brightness. Vases and pots also play a role – when choosing, pay attention to the shape and color. If there is no time to take care of the plants, you can always replace them with artificial ones. Alternatively, try to decorate one of the walls with plants: a “living” wall will purify the air and protect the space from sudden temperature changes. Before deciding on such décor, consult with a knowledgeable person who will tell you how to organize ventilation, lighting, and watering.

If you are a supporter of a radical approach and small changes are not enough for you, feel free to paint one of the walls in a contrasting color. To make the solution harmoniously fit into the interior, use accessories in the same range. The interior aroma will complement the renovation – green smell with the smell of freshly cut grass or leaves. We recommend paying attention to perfumes with red berries or green tea with lime.

If you live in cold latitudes, do not forget to make allowances for them in the interior. For example, a Mediterranean style with an abundance of white, blue, as well as marble, and other stones can be a bad decision, as it creates an unnecessary feeling of coolness.

At the beginning of each year, we promise ourselves to get better – exercise, read more, and learn new things. Just by spring, the fuse disappears, and routine triumphs over new beginnings. The secret is to make them a habit – and space can help. Imagine the person you would like to be. Summer is coming.

If you want to train every day in the morning, the first step is to plan a place to practice: where the dumbbells lie, where you put the rug, where to put your smartphone. Once you think through these points, you will avoid the temptation to take time off in the morning and be distracted by looking for a suitable place. A cozy armchair with a cool light will help you read more, and vice versa – if there is a large TV in the center of the living room, it will be difficult to reduce the amount of time spent in front of the screen. Magnetic wallcovering or a whiteboard can help you display inspirational quotes or helpful lists in a prominent place. If you want to communicate more with your family, then comfortable chairs with a soft cushion are what you need.

One of the best ways to freshen up your home is to buy some new flowers or small potted trees. You can put hyacinths on the windowsill – they will fill the room with aroma. If there is enough free space in the apartment, look for a small lemon or tangerine tree. Their miniature fruits are inedible, but reminiscent of travel.

Bright accents can be added with new textiles: curtains, sofa cushions, bedspreads, and rugs – the mood in the room will instantly change. The most budget-friendly but effective way to freshen up an interior is to make a rearrangement. Think about how you use the space of the apartment. Perhaps it’s time to move the workplace closer to the window and put the bed in the back of the room.

If you’re ready to spend money on interior renovation, start by repainting the walls. You can emphasize a bright color on one wall behind a sofa or bed, or choose a light tone for the entire room. If you are not ready for repair work yet, take a closer look at a new sofa or chair.

Another easy way to freshen up an interior that we often forget about is to take things apart. We often store junk that will never be useful to us. If you haven’t used the item for over a year, feel free to dispose of it.

Updating a home for spring is always a good story. Advice number one banal – arrange a general cleaning. Disassemble cabinets, remove unnecessary things, say goodbye to unnecessary things. Sometimes it is cleaning that allows you to see the possibility of rearranging furniture.

An easy way to renovate your home without re

novation is to change something in the places you use the most. As a rule, this is a bed and a dining table. Both of these furnishings, when handled correctly, become not just accents, but can completely set the tone for the bedroom and kitchen. Buy new bedding, a bedspread, and extra pillows and see how your bedroom transforms.

There are several ways to deal with the kitchen table. If you have a round wooden tabletop and enough time and adventurism, paint it. You can choose a pattern or a rich pattern. You will have to be patient, skins of two types of abrasiveness, a primer for wood, pencil, paints on wood, and see the options for patterns for the circle. You can even paint the entire table entirely with one type of paint, including the legs – there is not a single kitchen that would not be refreshed by a soft coral or blue object. If the shape of the table and its material do not allow renovation, buy a plain tablecloth with tassels. A bouquet of wild rosemary or sprouted oats, which you can buy at any pet store, will make your lunch uniquely springtime.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter