It seems that we have begun to spend much less time wandering through huge malls and occasional purchases between the escalator and the food court, but we order things in online stores. Those, in turn, acquired their own editions with full editions. Thanks to their work, although we began to make purchases more consciously we began to want more. Social networks with their celebrities are also encouraged – and it’s not only about a big famous family, in whose honor Balmain and Givenchy, but also about athletes, indie stars, stylists of niche publications, and so on. Their crisp white sneakers, perfect cashmere sweaters, and sequinned jeans are a hint that it’s time to go shopping.

For starters, you should support the global course towards conscious consumption and deal with your closet. Seriously, this will only take one day off and make life easier for at least a year. Hanging out in front of a photo of the perfect $ 100 white tee? A close look at your wardrobe will help you remember that you have about five of them (just add bleach). Attempt to figure out old things: most importantly, it is smarter to set aside those that have lost their unique appearance (this quite often applies to vote based brands), and then take to those in need that you have not worn for a long time. Do not believe your inner voice whispering that the time for red tights has simply not come yet. It will never come. But not far from them – in the far corner or a forgotten box – there may well be an unnamed silk dress that you bought at sea two years ago, and never put on.

But even if you do not discover anything new for yourself, the bottom line will help you understand what exactly is worth investing money (which, of course, someday will still appear), and even more important – what is not worth investing in. If this process does not subsequently relieve you of momentary turbidity, then at least minimizes them.

Another unobvious source for replenishing the wardrobe is the mezzanine in the country. Ten years ago, parents could have put real treasures in there: huge sweaters, work jackets, frayed boots, floral dresses. Together with modern clothing, all this has the right to exist today. And the phrase: “It seems that this is still my grandfather” – besides, it betrays in you a person who treats history with tenderness – not only family history.

If you still have no heart for vintage and secondhand, the easiest way to update your wardrobe for free is to follow the Facebook news feed. As practice has shown, you can exchange clothes that you are tired of or that for some reason did not suit you, you can not only with close friends or relatives. Recently, swap parties have become more and more popular, which you can get to through distant friends, and leave them with a dozen new acquaintances. The idea of ​​exchanging unnecessary things in a bachelorette party atmosphere – from shoes to books to cosmetics – does not seem so crazy: what you put an end to long ago can be torn off with your hands. Coming here with a suitcase of unnecessary clothes, you will most likely leave with the suitcase you need – this is a gambling business and it is not easy to stop.

Still, the most important thing when saving is not to get into a private sample-sale in Aizel, but to invest in yourself, not in clothes. It always sounds corny, but it’s the truth. You are far from what you wear. Rather than investing cash and energy in shopping, it’s smarter to deal with yourself: learn dialects, go to talks and exhibition halls, understood books, travel. The main thing is that it will last much more than the highest quality leather jacket in the world. By your appearance, you do not prove anything to anyone, and by investing in your mind, you are investing in your future. If you want to look good and feel good at the same time, it is better to spend money on good doctors, cosmetologists, sports. With your health compromised, the last thing you think about is things.