Dogs That Are Real Insta Celebrities


Marnie is an old buddy, she is 17 y.o. what makes her one of the senior  Instagram’s famous pets. She was rescued from the streets and adopted about 6 years ago, and quite soon after she has become one of the internet’s preferred doggies what a change in comparison to her hard past.

She gained a lot of attention due to her particularly long tongue, cute and funny at the same time it tends to loll out of her mouth in photos, giving this Shih Tzu a young and puppy-like look. She gained the attention of some quite famous followers including Josh Groban and Dylan Sprouse that are her followers among nearly 2 million others!


The coolest pug is possible to find online. If you are a dog-lover, then pugs for sure have caught your attention more than ones with their wrinkled cute faces and shiny black eyes. Enter Doug the Pug and get exposed to another dog- king of social media. Over 3,5 million people are following Doug The Pug already, including some celebrities to be found among the followers, Halsey and Chrissy Teigen for example. His unique facial wrinkles that bring smiles upon the faces of millions of his fans daily are definitely worth checking out and following.


Reagan is an Australian Labrador-doodle. Don’t miss out on his Instagram account that would definitely add some smile to your daily Instagram check. His best friend is often seen alongside on his photos, and he is a human boy, his adoptive brother often called “the little buddy”, the boy and the cute dog are often in matched outfits and just blended in into any environment around them, truly best friends. Check it for yourself: his recent uploads showed him sipping on a coffee with his adoptive human family or practicing handstands on a session of yoga for kids together with the rest of the little doggies. Reagen lives in Portland, Oregon, with his owners between land and river, in the house, or the riverboat, inspiring them for loads of creative photos.

Mr. Jiffpom

9 million people are following this cutie! Who became one of  Instagram’s biggest animal celebrities in the world and even got himself a Guinness World Records for that. Jiffpom the Pomeranian is so sweet and toy-looking that one of the world’s leading toy companies created a plush toy made in his image. But the dog is real and alive and apart his looks have got a character and style that can be seen in his posts, that attracted many celebrities and social media stars making cameos on his Instagram, even Ariana Grande had a snap with this lovely little fellow.

Napolean The Corgi

If you are still not fascinated by the corgi, then there can be two explanations: either you do not have a heart, or you have already experienced cuteness-overdose and it has become somewhat stale. Try looking at Napoleon’s corgi anyway. This funny and fluffy dog-loaf does yoga with the hostess, sometimes wears glasses and a bow tie, and with great pleasure performs all sorts of dog tricks – for example, these.

Buddy Boo

Officially, he is one of the cutest dogs on the Internet is Boo the Pomeranian. On Facebook, where he has almost 11 million likes, he succinctly says: “My name is Boo. I’m a dog. Life is Beautiful”. And he has every reason for this: he is a real celebrity: singer Ke$ha confesses his love, he is the face of Virgin America, he has a best friend, a merchandise line, and his owner (by the way, is also a beauty) takes one from leadership positions at Facebook.

This Wild Idea

In 2010, North Carolina-based photographer Tyron Humphrey quit his disgusting job and embarked on a long journey across America to shoot a large documentary project about the life of people in different parts of the country. His main companion on that trip was Maddie, a coonhound dog that Humphrey took from a shelter. Photos of Maddie standing calmly on the most unimaginable objects and planes (rocks, stumps, a giant can of Nutella) eventually became much more popular than Tyrone’s original project: they have published as the book “Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics” … Since then, Humphrey has directed a separate, heartbreaking project, Why We Rescue, featuring 50 stories of stray cats and dogs that have found their owners. The story of Tyrone Humphrey and Maddy can be safely considered the 51st.


Jeremy Veech from the Seattle suburbs calls himself a “normographer” and this is not a nod to normcore – rather a declaration of love to his pug named Norm. The duet of Jeremy and his dog is somewhat reminiscent of our previous heroes, but unlike the reserved coonhound Maddie, the pug Norm is a much more emotional guy: he regularly takes selfies, loves idiotic hats, rides in grocery carts, and even rides a skateboard. A separate item is photos of Jeremy in an embrace with a dog – they cause about the same degree of emotion as pictures of handsome guys with babies in their arms.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter