4 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit This Spring

Spring is a beautiful season that brings us more sunlight, awakening everything from the long winter slumber. This is the time when our bodies need extra care and attention as it is a transition between colder and warmer months, which makes us more open to colds and allergies. But fear not! A good diet and a few health tips will make your spring experience stress-free and joyful for both your body and mind.

Start a Spring Detox

Spring is the best time for a light detox to cleanse our whole system inside out. We are also in dire need of vitamins and minerals, which can be found in fresh fruits and veggies. As more leafy greens appear on the market, we need to start switching towards a greener, healthier diet with less heavy and oily foods. Start your spring with a one-week cleansing juice detox using apples, carrots, beets, parsley, broccoli and whatever seasonal fruits you can find.

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Go Outside as Much as Possible

This is a very simple, yet effective way to help your body cleanse and rejuvenate after long winter months when we tend to be less active. You can probably already feel it in your body – the urge to go outside, run, play, and have fun in the sun. Sunlight boosts our serotonin levels, making us happier human beings in general, while it also supplies us with Vitamin E. Physical activity improves the work of your liver, helping it flush out toxins and boosts your overall health.

Eat More Sour Foods

Your liver loves sour taste and spring is the best time to add something more sour and pungent to your diet. Even a slice of lemon here and there can make a big difference! Spring is generally associated with the liver (according to Chinese medicine) so this is the best time to take care of it, preparing for an active and vibrant summer. You can also use organic apple cider vinegar for a cleansing effect.

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Start Something New

Spring brings new energy both to our minds and bodies. It is the best time to dream big, make a wish list and see it come to life during the upcoming months. Plant a tree or a seed of some beautiful flower, or start planning that project you’ve always dreamed about. The vibrant sunny energy of spring will bring you the necessary boost, giving more energy to start new projects, jobs, and relationships.

Take Special Care of Your Eyes

Eyes are connected with the liver, so you need to pay special attention to their health in spring. We spend lots of time indoors staring at smartphones and computers, which greatly strains our eyes. Go out more to enjoy natural light and incorporate some eye exercises into your daily routine. Let them rest even if you’re not sleeping – just close your eyes with your palms lightly and stay like this for a few minutes.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y