6 Reasons to Buy a Bike Right Now

A bicycle is a healthy and practical choice for each of us. On it, you can go to work or shopping, walk with your family in the park and even travel. By learning to ride a bike, you will never lose your skills. Have you been dreaming of buying a bicycle for a long time?

Before you buy a bike, you need to understand exactly where you will ride: the city to work, in parks, on highways, in the woods or you, are a fan of aggressive riding. Choosing a bike is a responsible business because you buy it for a long time.

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Weight control and clean skin

The undoubted advantage of the bicycle is an active physical activity and accordingly improvement of external parameters and state of health. If you turn the pedals for an hour at a leisurely pace, you can easily get rid of 200 or more calories.

In addition, regular cycling helps to slow down skin aging. And all because the active blood circulation allows you to deliver oxygen and nutrients to skin cells faster and more efficiently while removing toxins. Therefore, active cyclists are fine with metabolism. And their body copes better with colds.

Constant pedaling grinds the leg muscles. Buttock and thigh muscles are tightened. Strengthens the back and arms – the body becomes fit and beautiful.

A strong heart and active sexuality

Exercise causes the heart muscle to contract more intensely.

Twisting pedals stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, and this eliminates the “knots of stagnation”, which are often the cause of varicose veins. Even a leisurely evening bike ride will help saturate the body with oxygen and sleep soundly and sweetly. And a good night’s sleep is a lively start to the next day and a fresh appearance.

Regular cycling trains the heart and makes it more endurable, like the whole body. The lungs are better ventilated. And cyclists have a longer duration of sex because their body is more flexible and enduring. In a trained body, the release of hormones is more intense. A bicycle is a good investment in your own health.

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Save time and money

Having a bike and living in a big city, you do not have to stand for hours in traffic jams to get to work or home. You will also not spend money on gasoline to refuel or pay for minibusses. You do not have to buy insurance, and in case of failure to dump a lot of money for repairs.

If you regularly take care of the bike and treat it carefully, it will last a long time in faith and truth. On a bicycle, you can visit places where you can not go by car, and walk far and long. For example, you can arrange a whole bike trip with an overnight stay in the mountains.

Emotional health

Cycling away from the noisy city will distract from daily worries and problems. The singing of forest birds, the rustle of trees in the wind, the contemplation of the water surface of the lakes – a great mobile meditation. A bicycle is a good option to be alone. Going on the track, you can completely and completely immerse yourself in your thoughts – to think about the eternal or just ventilate your head. Cycling is perfect for romantic dates – a very good alternative to sitting in a cafe or going to the movies. Needless to say, positive emotions have just as positive an effect on physical health. Everything is interconnected.

Beautiful bike shape

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Just look at those bike-shorts, they snatch your body and especially your legs. Hair in a ponytail will give you a model look. But in a bicycle form, not only appearance but also functionality is important. Clothes should be beautiful – they should be practical. The form must simultaneously:

  • ventilate the body well;
  • dry quickly from sweat;
  • nice to fit the body, do not rub;
  • do not bully.

Zero CO2

It is still impossible to call a bicycle a completely ecological transport because it needs lubricants, and the production of tires or carbon frames is definitely not an ecological process.

However, cyclists do not buy gasoline, so their “iron horses” do not emit carbon dioxide, which destroys the ozone layer of the Earth. The European Commission estimates that city cars account for about 40% of all carbon emissions. And for the production of one steel bicycle requires a hundred times less of this metal than for the production of cars. According to the European Cyclists ’Federation, the ecological footprint (the degree of use of natural resources by humans) of a cyclist is 12 times less than that of a motorist. And cycling brings EU citizens at least 150 billion euros a year.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter