6 Songs That You Inevitably Will Associate With Movies They Were Used in

Some music is written for a specific movie, other songs are used in a movie so well it feels like they were written exactly for that scene or feature. Here we collected 6 songs that will forever stuck in movies they were utilized in.

Donnie Darko: Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen)

During the introduction scene of Donnie Darko you could hear Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Killing Moon”. A post-rock song that’s forever associated with the classic picture.

Reservoir Dogs: Steelers Wheels – Stuck In The Middle With You

This is the case when a nice, even sweet song is twisted, turned upside down, and ruined by the scene it was used in. If you don’t remember, it’s a scene of torture in Reservoir Dogs. Truth be told, it makes the desired effect – the scene becomes even more unsettling with this song.

An iconic rockabilly track that brings up a Pulp Fiction’s picture of Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing in a bar.

Us: Luniz – I Got 5 On It

This song by itself is quite eerie. Maybe that’s why John Peele decided to make it a theme track for his thriller?

Fight Club: Pixies – Where Is My Mind

It is true that the Fight Club’s final scene brought Pixies new fans. A whole new generation, better say. Their track was used in many other movies, but nothing hits like Where Is My Mind at the end of Fight Club.

Trainspotting: Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

Upbeat “Lust for Life” is like a beam of light in depressing Trainspotting. It just gives hope for us, watchers.