8 Ideas of What to Do at Home During the Quarantine

In connection with the second wave of the coronavirus, there is an increasing discussion of how to survive quarantine and self-isolation. Experts advise residents of cities that are affected by the disease to spend less time in crowded places and, if possible, stay at home. There are many cases of infection, you are completely obliged to stay at home for two weeks – such a decree was issued by authorities, and many companies have already transferred employees to a remote mode as a preventive measure. Actually, this raises the question: what to do in-home confinement so as not to waste time in vain and not lose heart? We have collected some ideas for useful and fun activities – we hope the new coronavirus will be defeated in the near future, and this list will be useful to you for a regular home weekend.

Upgrade your beauty skills

Surely your cosmetic bag contains a lot of interesting things that you don’t use – it’s time to make a revision, put aside the unnecessary, and master what you have long wanted. There is almost no end to the art of facial painting – just make sure you have enough makeup remover.

Wash the windows

Cleaning up and reorganizing things is the most useful and obvious thing to do at home. But even in the cleanest and most organized homes, windows often remain dusty and stained (if only because they cannot be cleaned most of the year without frostbite). Additional points – for washing curtains, which also successfully accumulate dust and dirt from the street.

Experiment with food

No one bothers you to order delivery, however, if you wish, food during isolation can be turned into entertainment and even a challenge: try to study your supplies and come up with a dish from what is lying on the shelves or in the refrigerator. You can also check the expiration dates and discard anything that looks more like a biological weapon than food.

Everybody trying to get through this quarantine time their own way, and what Padma Lakshmi picked for herself is not a surprise at all. The TV host’s Instagram feed is constantly filled with cooking videos and tips.

If you didn’t know, for more than 10 years Lakshmi was a host in Top Chef – a competition television series. She has published several cookbooks and started a kitchen-ware line. On her page, you will see her cooking all kinds of dishes from shrimp and lemon rice to Chipotle chicken and Indian foods. Almost every video she posts is accompanied by a recipe. The most lovely part of this whole cooking thing is her daughter taking part in the process.

Lakshmi is not the only celebrity to make cooking content at the moment, but she’s definitely one of the most consistent ones. If you need some extra energy and inspiration before going to the kitchen – make sure to give her videos a try.

Take care of your wardrobe

Another useful and not requiring investment activity, for which you can spend long hours, is wardrobe analysis. If you haven’t shaken up your clothes for a long time, put everything in themed piles. Perhaps it’s time to finally sew on the missing buttons and make other minor repairs that you can handle yourself. Another pleasant way to spend time with clothes is to play stylist and try to create interesting sets with something that has long been sad on the shelf (or, conversely, with your favorite things that you wear every day). To consolidate the effect, take a photo of what you have done and save it to a separate folder on your phone – so choosing an outfit in the morning will take a few minutes.

Arrange a video session

The opportunity to speak on Skype or facetime with a person dear to the heart who is far away is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. True, in ordinary life we ​​do not use it so often, because we run somewhere or prefer correspondence. Since you are at home, arrange a video date with your grandmother, a friend from another country, or even a girlfriend who lives in the next house. Remember how the heroines of the TV series “Broad City” endlessly chat with each other, simultaneously doing different things – you can try the same.

Analyze your spending habits

No matter how much you earn, the lack of a system, and the habit of wisely managing finances can sooner or later play a cruel joke with you. If your financial discipline is not yet very good, we suggest spending your free hours at home on your future well-being. You can start by keeping track of your spending over the past months or weeks.

Read the books and articles that have been shelved for later

Surely you have paper books that you bought but did not read – we suggest not buying a new fashionable novel, but doing what you already have. It’s the same with articles: many of us have apps like Pocket with a graveyard of long reads that we put aside in hopes of reading sometime later. Since you are locked up at home, you can read our articles.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter