8 Signs Your Relationship with Alcohol Should End

Alcoholics are disliked (although sometimes regretted), but the use of alcohol “in small quantities”, on the contrary, is supported. The line between that small amount and the initial stages of alcoholism is thin, and it is easier to cross than it seems. If your ambiguous relationship with alcohol worries not only you, read the signs that directly indicate the need to give up another beer in the evening.

You have been told many times that you are an alcoholic

Skip this point if your friends have a strange sense of humor and alcoholism, they call your habit of drinking a bottle of zero once a month. If this is not the case, count how many drunken evenings a week you have. Even if you drink a little, it’s not okay every night. Addiction is not only the amount of alcohol but also the frequency of its use (or desire to drink).

Because of alcohol, you have problems at work

It’s not the first time you’ve quietly died behind a work laptop, secretly swallowing aspirin and turning to all the gods to get a little better. You sniff to see if it still stinks of fumes. Sometimes you even lie that you are sick, but you are staying at home after two bottles of wine yesterday. You understand that this is not cool at all. Later it will only get worse.

You are bored to see friends with a sober head

Even with loved ones. With those you see once a year, it’s even worse: the conversation doesn’t stick until you order a glass. And better – two or three. If a friend does not want to go to the bar but is planning a non-alcoholic walk, you are already thinking about how best to “get busy” and find another option for the evening. From ordinary conversations you are bored, you do not want to smile soberly, the jokes of the environment seem stupid, and it becomes harder and harder to tolerate. Either your friends are really so boring (which we have a little doubt about), or your relationship with alcohol has gone too far.

You are generally bored without alcohol

Other classes are tired, seem clumsy, and childish. Even the series you’ve been waiting for is hard to watch without guilt. It’s not interesting to read books, it’s boring to walk, I don’t want to look for new hobbies at all. And from drinking – always fondly. Even bartenders no longer ask you anything, but silently pour.

We hope you do not have depression. But we advise you to find a specialist. Best of all – to a psychoanalyst. Perhaps, after your sincere confessions, he will advise you to see a narcologist.

Friends avoid you

Because after drinking, you start raging, clinging to strangers, borrowing money for another beer, telling someone else’s secrets, flaunting a cold steel weapon (brandishing a kitchen knife like crazy). Or you call everyone in a row – acquaintances, parents (and it happens), former classmates, ex-girlfriends/boys – to complain about loneliness, cruel world, and undivided love.

To you, this behavior may seem nice or a little strange feature of the body’s perception of alcohol. And to others, it seems horrible. Stop bullying loved ones. And over himself – too.

It’s hard for you to decide something until you drink

When you are sober, you are restrained even at the Shortparis concert (where it is impossible not to dance). You will definitely not approach that nice colleague, because you almost lose consciousness from one thought about it. But alcohol turns you into a confident and determined person, for which you appreciate him. Before an important matter, you are already figuring out where and what you can do.

Don’t listen to the advice of those who advise you to drink a little “for courage”, especially if the counselors do not know how often you need such doping.

You haven’t vomited in a long time, even when you’re drunk

You should not be happy if after a mixture of beer, vodka, tequila and two low-alcohol drinks on top of your stomach is suspiciously silent. This is actually a bad sign: the body is clogged with alcohol and does not have the strength to reject it. Most likely, you drink often, that’s why there was such an alcohol tolerance. Do not be happy, but reduce the dose if you want your body to serve you longer.

You were repeatedly called an ambulance after you drank

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Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter