A$AP J. Scott Passes Away

There is still no information about the cause of death and other circumstances but the internet already fled by the reaction from J.Scott’s crew and other artists.

A$AP SNACKS, was also known as J. Scott. The Atlanta-born polymath performed as a DJ, along with being a producer, a manager for several artists and a creative partner in a myriad of the Mob’s projects.

Other artists took the time to voice their sadness over Scott’s sudden passing, including Mob members A$AP Rocky and A$AP TyY, The Internet and A-Trak.

Today A$AP Mob is made up of fashion designers, sound producers, renowned rappers and young performers, for whom four capital letters in a nickname open up a sea of possibilities. All the old members of the community from Ferg to Nast have become independent units and achieved fame (some more, some less). Either way, there is no doubt that each of them has a chance to become a real star outside of A$AP Mob. Despite this, rappers from Harlem continue to get together and delight fans with new releases.

The A$AP Mob’s massive success story began in 2013, when Rocky’s Long.Live.A$AP topped the Billboard charts. The joint mixtape of Lords Never Worry, which was released a year earlier, did not cause such a stir, despite the fact that the musical content of the releases was similar. Both Rocky’s tracks and those of other A$AP Mob members featured trap beats, bass, and hard sound. It is also worth noting that Clams Casino acted as one of the sound producers of the Lords Never Worry mixtape, thanks to which such a subgenre as cloud rap appeared, which has now become so popular.

Earlier, In 2015, A$AP Yams died at the age of 26 from a sudden attack of apnea caused by a drug overdose. A$AP Yams is a member of the creative association A$AP Mob, and its original founder (along with A$AP Bari and A$AP Illz). He was also the manager and mentor of A$AP Rocky, and was largely responsible for the signature sound and style of Rocky and Ferg, and to a lesser extent the other band members.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter