The Artist Behind Tame Impala´s Vibe

Designer and illustrator Aaron Lowell Denton’s portfolio counts collaborations with artists like John Maus, Stereolab, Tame Impala, Coin, The War on Drugs, Makaya McCracken, Devendra Banhart, and many others who commissioned him their album covers.

His work, as any other retro-inspired imagery has bright tones and tricky patterns. To achieve that effect he applies gradients and has an overall surrealistic approach to his images.

“What keeps me going every time is that challenge of translating an idea or just concept or sonics through imagery,” he said in an interview.

Among all of his works, we would say that Texas Sun’s album cover is the most well-known one. That record was in Times Square at the moment of its release. With that particular design, Denton took a step back in terms of conceptualization of his work, resulting in a simple image. “Typically my designs are little more filled and intricate with details, but this one fit the music material so well that any other additions would spoil the whole cover. That’s when you know that less is more.”

Check out some of his works below and his Instagram page too.