Artist Creates Mind-Bending Hair Braids Every Girl Dreams About

Hair braiding has been around for thousands of years and when I say “thousands” it is not an exaggeration. The earliest mention of hair braiding dates back 30,000 years to the statue of the Venus of Willendorf, which was found in a village in Austria, rocking the same look women wear these days. Not bad for a hairstyle, huh?

Hair braiding can be traced to ancient cultures all over the world. The most popular hair braiding styles come from African tribes that used braids to literally weave their personal info like age, religion, and marital status into the hair.

You will also find the halo braid in Ancient Greece, Afro box braids in Ancient Egypt, staircase braid in China, and crown braid all over Europe. And don’t forget about Viking hair braiding that was used by everyone, including the fiercest warriors who even braided their beards.

Hair braiding is just as popular today as it was thousands of years before, but with one slight difference – today hairstylists tend to experiment more with all kinds of braids and hair colours to create stunning masterpieces. Alejandro Lopez is one of those stylists! He fell in love with hair braiding when he was 19 years old and started experimenting with it immediately after he got his first hair styling wig. Two years later, his Instagram looks like a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of “flowers”, with some of his braids looking like real art pieces.

Alejandro Lopez is perfecting his hair braiding technique non-stop. He gets his inspiration from everything around him – buildings, beautiful architecture, nature, cords, and fabrics. He also believes that you can weave anything into a hairstyle, that’s why he uses lots of additional embellishments like beads, ribbons, metal elements, and flower pieces. Each design is unlike any other and looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine!

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y