Artist Creates Surreal and Captivating Concept Photography to Address the Climate Change Issue

We can all agree that our climate is undergoing rapid changes, some of which (if not all) are one way or another influenced by humanity. There are many ways to address the issue of climate change, but art is one of the most powerful ways to bring public attention to the important things that are happening in our environment.

Anya Anti, a New York-based photographer and concept artist, has her own special way of coping with the dire environmental problems humanity is facing right now. Some parts of the world experience more frightening changes compared to other ones that stand virtually untouched. That’s why it is so important for artists all over the world to highlight everything that is happening to our Nature and the impact we humans are having on it.

Anya’s main medium is photography, which she renders in a surreal way to bring her vision to light. In her “2.5 Seconds” project the artist uses both stunning backgrounds and beautiful female figures to get the desired effect. Her main genre of photography is surreal female portraiture, so it was only natural for her to incorporate women in her new project. The name “2.5 Seconds” has a special meaning of its own – if we imagine that Earth has existed for 24 hours, then humanity has been here for no more than 2.5 seconds (4.5 billion years and 140,000 years respectively).

Anya Anti is a self-taught photographer and learned her craft all by herself, using YouTube videos and lots of practice to create her masterpieces. She gets her inspiration from various things that surround her, but each time her new piece starts with a concept born within. She then comes up with ways she can make that image in her head become reality. She also uses lots of props, lighting, and costumes in her work. Before the photoshoot actually happens, she always checks the setting to see whether there is enough natural light and how she needs to modify the surface to match her concept.

To make “2.5 Seconds” Anya travelled to Iceland as she believes this is one of the most beautiful places of Earth that are still mostly untouched by humans. Nature there is simply breathtaking! That’s why it became the perfect backdrop for an environmental crisis-themed project. She used beautiful metaphors and lots of symbolism to convey her ideas and create a beautiful, yet dramatic mood in her works. Realising just how fragile our planet is inspired Anya to create a special photoset to highlight the issues of human impact on nature. Her art speaks volumes!

You can see more of Anya Anit’s works on her Instagram

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y