Artist Turns Ordinary Tattoos Into Breathtaking Neon Light Animations

Creating tattoos is a beautiful form of art that has been around for thousands of years. Tattoos used to have a deep cultural meaning back in the day, but their significance hasn’t dwindled a bit even in modern times. True, tattoos look different today compared to the tribal patterns of the days long gone and now they are created mostly just for beauty. But that is a good enough reason if you want my opinion!

Maxim Sipakov, a professional animator from Russia, loves tattoos more than anything. Yet, he doesn’t simply admire them as a form of art – he takes them to a whole new level of awesomeness! You’ve probably seen tattoos created with special UV ink that can glow in the dark, but Maxim Sipakov goes further and turns them into spectacular animations. It turns out that a little bit of digital altering can make a beautiful tattoo look like a surreal masterpiece. Naturally, the artist has thousands of followers and their number grows every day.

Image via @m.sipakov_official/Instagram

Maxim Sipakov’s work is very intricate – you can feel that he appreciates all the tattoo designs he works with. He adds lots of moving lights to already perfect tattoo designs and creates something that looks absolutely otherworldly. Each of his carefully made videos emphasizes the beauty of the original design in a very unusual manner. Hopefully, someday we’ll be able to make tattoos like this in real life, too!

You can watch the artist's amazing videos on his Instagram account.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y