Taylor Swift's Recent Work With Her Brother

It is not a secret that Taylor Swift works on re-records of all of the music she’s made on Big Machine, but who would expect her brother to step into the project.

They covered “LookWhatYouMadeMeDo” and the remake was presented during one of the Sunday Night’s shows. Right after the show, fans suggested that her brother was involved in the process. Well, seems like Taylor Swift is cooking something up.

On Twitter, Taylor said “how stoked and happy” she is about that emotional remake of the track. Another interesting detail was that she credited some never heard before an artist named Jack Leopards. During that Sunday Night’s show she credits showed “Nils Sjöberg” and Jack Antonoff, – Taylor actually had that same pseudonym one time when she was co-writing one of Rihanna’s tracks in 2016.

As the saying goes, the Internet never forgets, so do fans: they recalled that sometime ago Austin’s Twitter account handle was “The Dolphin Club”, with his childhood picture in which he wears a T-shirt reading the same words on it. That exact photo is used as cover-picture for the new track.

What do we know about Taylor Swift’s younger brother

As it turned out, Taylor Swift is not the only talented child in the family. The country performer has a younger brother who, like his sister, claims to be world-famous. True, not in the music field, but in the world of cinema.

With nursing support, Austin has every chance of becoming famous. Let’s see what we know about the aspiring actor.

1. Austin is the younger and only brother of Taylor Swift. The young man was born on March 11, 1992, according to the zodiac sign he is Pisces.

2. Austin and Taylor are very close. Despite her busy schedule, Taylor always supports her younger brother. They can often be seen together, including at social events.

3. Austin became an actor after receiving special education. The young man graduated from the acting department of the University of Notre Dame in Chicago.

4. At the University of Austin, he participated in theatrical performances, to which he always invited his sister.

5. Austin’s first film work is a detective thriller I / T, where he plays a character named Lance (Taylor posted on Instagram just a frame from this film). In the film, Austin starred with Pierce Brosnan, playing the role of a businessman, whose daughter became a target for revenge.

6. Cinema is not Austin’s only occupation. Swift is also involved in photography. The young man works as a freelancer in one of the largest photobanks Gettyimages.com.

7. What distinguishes Austin from his peers is indifference to social networks. Even though the guy has Twitter and Instagram, he rarely uses them.

8. Like his sister, Austin is a big animal lover. On his social networks, you can find a few photos with kittens and dogs. Isn’t it cute?

We will follow with interest in Austin’s career development. We hope that the young man will succeed and soon another star with the name Swift will appear in Hollywood.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter