Best Spring Detox Drinks to Try Right Now

Spring is the time to rejuvenate your body and supply it with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it might need to kick start a new season. We get more active and spring as there is more sunlight and the weather is getting warmer. But it also means we need more energy and for that we need to cleanse our bodies and create space for everything new to come into our lives. Luckily, spring is the time when fresh greens are available, along with seasonal fruits. Here are a few drinks that will help you detox in a very natural way without going through special cleanses.

Strawberry Matcha Latte

Strawberries are packed with vitamins and they add a dash of yummy berry flavour to this detox drink. Matcha is a type of green powder tea that is packed with antioxidants. Drinking this green tea is one of the most potent ways to help your body get rid of all the toxins.

The Ultimate Green Juice Recipe

Drinking green juices is one of the easiest ways to provide your body with fibre, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are necessary for your health. This recipe includes beet roots, carrots, kale, mint, apples, cucumbers, and lemon. Drink it first thing in the morning for an extremely energetic start of the day!

Celery Juice

Detox is not always about complicated recipes and a huge amount of ingredients - sometimes all you need is one cup of fresh juice and nothing else! This is the case with celery juice, which is great for both your digestive system and your brain. It has a rejuvenating effect for you whole body and is known to improve skin condition from within.

The Green Smoothie

Spring is the time to go for everything green and a green smoothie is not an exception! Packed with ginger for some extra digestive heat and detoxification, this refreshing recipe includes cucumbers, spinach, apples, and lemon. It's a great smoothie to energize your whole body early in the morning.

Ivanna Yurchenko

Ivanna Yurchenko