Best Vegan Drink This Summer: Fruit-Infused Water

We all know that drinking water is a must, especially during hot summer days. Of course, you shouldn’t go crazy with it, but more often than not we tend to drink less water than our bodies need. Truth is, coffee, tea, and a whole bunch of cooling beverages simply don’t cut it. You still need plain old water! It hydrates our bodies, flushes out toxins, clears our minds, and does a whole bunch of other wonderful things for our health. So how do we drink more water? Here’s a little vegan trick for you.

Fruit-infused water isn’t something new and it has been around for ages. After all, this recipe is so simple that it can’t really be considered a recipe. Still, we felt we should mention this awesome beverage as it allows us to drink more water than we normally would, tricking our bodies into having more of this yummy treat.

Drinking plain water can become a challenge for those people who are more used to drinking sweet beverages and juices with flavours. You should keep in mind that all mass-market beverages, juices, sodas and most tea and coffee drinks you buy at cafes are heavily packed with white sugar, which is bad for your health. So, in order to create a sweet and flavourful natural drink that doesn't contain white sugar and chemicals, you just need to slice up a bunch of your favourite fruits or berries.

Mix the sliced fruits in a big jar and leave them in the refrigerator for a few hours. The water will soak in all the flavours and become cool enough for you to drink. You can keep this fruit water in a tightly closed jar for up to two days. Afterwards, you can either eat the leftover fruits or use them to create smoothies, fruit sauces, or yummy oatmeal.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y