Bet You've Never Seen Glass, Paper and Light Combined in Such a Beautiful Way

Meet Ayumi Shibata’s, a Japanese artist who makes incredible things out of paper. Her single project may take many layers of paper, which she later puts in lit glass jars. The result is spiritual and personal at the same time. “In Japanese, Kami stands for ‘god’, ‘spirit’, ‘divinity’,” written on her website, “but another meaning for this word is ‘paper’.”

Ayumi uses the traditional, Japanese paper cutting technique, this way she wants to emphasize how complex and delicate humans’ relationships are with nature. “According to Shinto(a religion originating from Japan), white paper is a sacred matter,” written on her website.

“It wasn’t immediately that I knew how to creatively express myself,” she explains. “I’ve tried a lot of materials before. The very first attempts in  creating things were when I took my mother’s needles and some left over pieces of fabrics and started to play with them in her atelier,” she explained in an interview to ModeArte. “I guess that’s my artistic foundation.”

In her teens, Shibata was really into music – she wrote music and performed. She then moved to New York and enrolled in the Sculpture and Printmaking for four years. “I’ve had some group shows and two shows of my own in New York’s Soho and in Omote-sando, Tokyo.

Check, if her art is showcased in your city or take a look at some of the  pieces in her Instagram.