Blue Rare Makes Very Unusual Collages

We wasn’t sure what exactly was in front of us when we first came across Blue Rare’s IG page. The description on the page, “everything and the kitchen sink”, kind of explains the chaotic mix of things you’re about to experience. We found out that Blue Rare is the nickname of a student from Washington, whose real name is Audrey.

She’s always been creating something; she remembers making Barbie clothes for her dolls, then chopping anime clips into AMVS and mixing music on Soundcloud. All that spans from elementary to high school. Blue Rare started making digital visual art only a year ago. She decided to dedicate a year to mastering her drawing skills and took a break after high school, that’s exactly when Blue Rare came up. The initial purpose of Blue Rare was meant to be a clothing brand that she would dress her illustrations in and only later it was used to become a name for digital art.

Finding inspiration in literally everything, she said in an interview “Somehow I make everything work together.”

She describes her work as “creepy, weird, cute and colorful stuff all boiled together” and it does look exactly like that – each collage is different and unique.

Dive into this crazy bright world of Blue Rare on her Instagram page. Some of her works can be seen below, too.