Celebrities Start Selling Their Home Collections On Etsy

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Did you learn a new language or perhaps took up a new skill that helps to reveal creative energy? Or did you finally have time to nest your home and make it extremely comfortable? While a lot of people were spending time under their roofs, celebrities started a new trend by selling their handmade home collections on e-commerce resources.

Tia Mowry

A trend-setter of this creative movement is an actress and entrepreneur Tia Mowry-Hardrict. She and 9 more talented Etsy sellers launched the first celebrity collaboration of home decor in neutral colors that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Its purpose is to create a feng shui style at home where there is no place for clutter.

Tia Mowry is convinced that if there is clutter in your home, there is clutter in your mind. Now guess, what items did she pay more attention to while creating? Of course, different cozy woven buskets where you can hide odds and ends to free the space. Moreover, now you can buy beautiful homey pillows, hand-painted lidded jars, ceramic service that makes the dish look even tastier, organic candles that can create a romantic atmosphere, and even more amazing things that bring calm and coziness to your home.

JoJo Fletcher

It doesn’t matter what your profession is — if you are a creative person, you’ll find a way out to share your creativity with the world. So did JoJo Fletcher in her collaboration with Etsy. The girl co-designed with 15 Etsy sellers and created home goods that remind warm summertime with friends, delicious barbeque in the backyard with family, and pleasant moments with sunny sensibility.

In her limited collection, you can find a mix of neutral pieces with organic textures and patterns that have splashes of joy. Macrame coaster set for delicious ice-tea, ceramic planters to breathe life into your flat, fringed cloth napkins — everything that evokes you to notice the smallest details and enjoy every moment of your life.

Joseph Altuzarra

Joseph Altuzarra is a luxury fashion designer and, by the way, a big fan of Etsy. He believes that the interior design reminds a movie set where every detail is a part of the hero’s life story.

When he decided to collaborate with Etsy, Joseph wanted to create everyday objects that would bring a distinctive aesthetic to buyers’ life. And, we have to say, the results are amazing! His limited-edition collection includes a range of decorative and functional home goods that bring warmth and happiness to your daily routine. What is most important, they bring comfort that so many people desire to have at their homes.