Cristiano Ronaldo the First Person Who Reached 200M on Instagram

Now officially: C. Ronaldo not only is doing the most profit but also the most followed celebrity on Instagram.  34-year football star leading this race and he is 59 million followers ahead of his principal rival Lionel Messi.

To celebrate the major milestone, Ronaldo shared a video post to thank his loyal followers stating. Check out the post below. Ronaldo also tops the list of athletes charging the most for individual Instagram posts.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not used to being content with second place, no matter what he undertakes. Let the Kardashian sisters “post” at least a hundred stories a day, and the feed is filled with nude photos, Cristiano will still do everything to leave them behind.

Cristiano reached the 150 million mark a year ago, and in 2017 he had 100 million. It should be noted that such a rapid growth of his subscribers began after Cristiano had an affair with model Georgina Rodriguez. And it’s not about the popularity of the footballer’s companion – before meeting him, she worked as a salesman in a store and no one knew her. Unlike other football players, now in Ronaldo’s account literally through publication – family photos, romantic selfies with his beloved and other revelations on the topic of personal life that attract subscribers, as practice shows, much more than reports from training.

On average, Ronaldo’s publications collect about 7 million “likes” online. The record on his page was set by a snapshot from Christmas night 2018 – then 12 million users sent their hearts to Cristiano, his four children, and Georgina.

Recall that in 2019 it turned out that Ronaldo earned almost $ 48 million from advertising on this social network, despite the fact that his annual salary at Juventus is 34 million. One post on his page costs about 975 thousand.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter