How Restaurants Deal with Rude Clients: Examples

Troll Cakes

‘Bakery & Detective Agency’ – says the description on Troll Cakes’ Instagram page. Isn’t that already intriguing? It sure is, so we jumped into their posts right away and were not disappointed. The main point of the bakery, besides confection, is to mock online haters.

If you think their part is to only make them cakes and take pictures of them – hold up – the owners also trying to send these cakes to the person who actually posted the given comment. It’s not always that they can easily find the address, but when they do, they send the cake – that’s why they have “detective” in their description.

The Old Butcher’s bar

The owner of a bar in Bristol responded to a customer’s rude feedback about his establishment, calling the new cocktail the very phrase with which the visitor wanted to offend himself and his choice of clothes. And we understand him. It is impossible to remain indifferent when two rudeness add up to the beautiful name “pimp overalls”.

The Old Butcher’s bar is located in British Bristol and looks quite popular – about 1200 people have subscribed to its Facebook page, and announcements of events are constantly appearing.

On July 13, a TripAdvisor user named Wayne S. posted a review for the bar, which was devastating. He wrote that the name of the establishment, which translates as “Old Butcher’s Shop”, is perfect for the interior: the walls painted with white paint and uncomfortable furniture are just right for a shop selling meat. But Wayne was particularly hated by the glasses and style of the restaurant owner atypical for the UK.

“Pretentious 2/3 pint beer glasses (approx. 0.4 liters), what’s wrong with a pint (approx. 0.6 liters), damn it ?! The owner flaunts in his jumpsuit, and if he suddenly has a chance to admire his reflection, be sure he will use it.”

Bar owner Ben does wear overalls, but that hardly bothers him. Within five days, the restaurant decided to respond to the boorish review. And he did it extremely self-ironically. The restaurant’s Facebook page posted a review text and a photo of a cocktail named after an angry customer – “The Ponce’s Dungarees”, which translates as “pimp overalls” or even more rude. In general, the client used the first word as an adjective, talking about “pretentious” glasses, but if you turn it into a noun, it just means “pimp”.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter