Best Food Blogs with Recipes

Lee Mandy

Back in 2012, Mandy Lee started her first food-page called Lady and Pups and according to her, that blog was an outlet for her anger and frustration. The page made its way from being just some “angry food blog” to becoming a whole living and growing community. Lee’s blog has been mentioned in a number of publications like Yahoo, Saveur, and

Lee says that cooking is just a hobby, but adds that “it’s as important to me as games are to gamers,” she said in an interview. “Every successful step makes you want to keep going and making more steps. There’s a code to crack in literally everything, even in a basic sandwich. I never understood people who cook and don’t enjoy the actual process,” she added.

Lee was born in Taiwan, grew up in Vancouver/New York, and currently lives in Hong Kong. Lee says that prior to starting her first blog she had never measured ingredients nor she ever successfully followed a recipe. With that being said, most of her own recipes are backed up by some little, funny life stories, that make her blog as special as it is.

Green kitchen

Green Kitchen is a project of a young married couple. Louise designs and prepares vegetarian meals from organic products, and David, a professional photographer, captures the result on video and photos.

The blog looks like diary entries: date, recipe, photos. The site has a convenient search by month and by category: Asian food, Christmas, desserts, drinks, baby food, chocolate, soups, side dishes, and more. If you are too lazy to read and translate recipes, you can watch the video. This blog will appeal to vegetarians and simply adherents of a healthy diet.


Blog with the most convenient search engine. Recipes can be sorted by season, diet, food type, and ingredients. There are no obtrusive advertisements and extraneous posts – only recipes, with a detailed description of the cooking method and wonderful photos. We are in favor of simple and healthy food – and this blog is fully in line with our expectations.


Author Elizabeth Evelyn Kirby divides recipes by seasons, taste characteristics (sweet, spicy), and preparation (dinner, lunch, get-togethers). Looking at the photos on the blog, you will almost certainly also want to set the table beautifully, decorating it with fresh flowers, fresh fruits, and antique utensils.


A cozy home blog with colorful pictures and a variety of recipes grouped by type of food: aperitifs, desserts, firsts, seconds, sauces, smoothies, breakfasts, gluten-free, vegetarian options, and much more. You will also find tons of interesting pastry recipes.

It’s very convenient that the author of Livvy takes step-by-step photos, so the recipe is very clear. There are no super complex recipes that are unrealistic to cook, only proven dishes prepared by the author.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter