Creative Ways to Attract Clients to Your Café

Insta-attractive exterior

How to attract people to a restaurant? Make the facade of the establishment attractive to Instagrammers, for example: paint the facade millennial pink and add a couple of potted plants. The number of people who want to take a selfie in front of your cafe will increase many times over; invite an artist who will draw a conceptual mural inside against which everyone will come and take pictures. Advertising on social media can be different. You can buy paid posts in city groups, or you can set up targeted advertising. The second option will be much more effective, but more expensive since you need to involve a specialist. He will analyze the target audience, compose the text for advertising, launch a campaign, and achieve the lowest price for each new client.

Funny signs

Draw arrows or footprints on the pavement leading to the coffee, you can add “Do you want delicious coffee? Follow in the footsteps! “. If the building is situated in a jam-packed territory of the city, on one of the focal roads or close to famous spots, at that point outside publicizing can comprise as it were of signs, bright awnings over the windows. If the cafe is located at a distance, then you will have to install billboards, light boxes, digital billboards, signs, scrollers, and city formats that will serve as a kind of guide. They need to be positioned in such a way that they stand along the route, along the highways, sidewalks leading to your establishment. Besides, you can place advertisements on public transport, both outside and inside buses, trolleybuses, and fixed-route taxis.

There’s a Texas restaurant called El Arroyo, that is locally known for its humorous approach to what they put on their front signs – and those signs really seem to make people laugh. Even in this trying time, they’re still on their thing.

Of course, El Arroyo is closed now due to the pandemic, but, nevertheless, every day the staff keeps on putting up their funny signs and entertain both internet users and the community. Right now, the messages mainly revolve around what is currently up. And today it’s, of course, the pandemic.

“When much is uncertain, we at El Arroyo find it important to make people laugh and help them forget about the current events, at least for a moment,” – says Paige Winstanley, the restaurant’s co-owner.

Define your target audience

You need to clearly understand who you are working for. For example, if there are several offices next to the cafe, then focus on the employees of business centers, or teens with bubble tea. Place a pillar next to the entrance or place information in the restaurant window. The original PR campaign, memorable interior, unusual name, promotions and bonuses, evenings of live music. All of these types of advertising work and help to make the establishment more attended. Choose your direction for promoting the restaurant, check it in action. And get ready to welcome new visitors.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter