The Deserted Landscapes of Polly Townsend

If you look at Polly Townsend’s works, the land is what stands out and takes the main focus of them. Making the land the main subject, she removes it from its original context, keeping pattern, tones and light in place.

“Every piece of the series is the one I’ve visited,” said Townsend in an interview. “You’d be right if you say these places share something in common, and that’s geology of them. Those are locations with desolate, hostile and unfertile lands,” she explained, adding that it’s not completely sure how these types of lands and locations attract her, but they do and they fulfill her energetically.

Each of Townsend’s paintings was originated from either a residency or an expedition. She usually has a portable easel with her to be able to draw sketches right on site, which are later expanded in her London studio. “I have a basic painting kit when I’m traveling, just some acrylics or oils, a lightweight easel, pencils and camera. These sketches would either become a work on its own, with no major changes or the backbone of a bigger work in studio,” she added.

Check out her Instagram page for more works.