Do You have Problems Remembering Your Dreams?

Can you wake up and tell what you’ve been just dreaming about? In case you cannot, don’t think you don’t dream at all. In fact, we all have dreams, it is just the matter of how we’re aware of them. Each of us know at least someone who can describe with all the details the dream they just had, but there’s also many people who can’t. If you’re one of the former and you feel like you’re missing out a lot on your dreams, then keep reading and let us try to figure out how to start remembering your dreams.

Start documenting your dreams

The easiest trick is to start writing down your dreams. This will help you to to remember what was going on in your dreams when you wake up. Keep in mind this will only be helpful if you start writing it down immediately after waking up, so put the notebook on the bedside table. Otherwise, as you already know, the memory of your dream will quickly leave your head for ever.

Have more sleep

It’s proved that plenty of sleep helps you better remember your dreams. Most of the people’s dreaming peak time is the first four-six hours of sleep. Those dreams are normally based on our past day experiences, that’s when our brain dissects them into memories and our body repairs. After this part we move to the REM stage of sleep, which is exactly the one that gives us bright, colorful and interesting dreams that we’re likely to remember.

Photo by Илья Мельниченко / Unsplash

Make it your goal

Modern people are overloaded with information, we’re being bombarded with so many things it becomes just ridiculous. One new thing replaces the other and so on and having your dreams somewhere in the rear of your attention span won’t help you to fix them in your mind. Consider making this dream remembering task your whole mission, take it serious.

Take vitamins

Your overall feeling and wellness also effect your ability to remember your dreams. So consider eating foods that are rich in B6 and melatonin, these will help your sleep and memory. There’re actually a lot of foods that are good for the cause, but not to get too far, bananas, berries, oatmeal and almonds will do the job pretty well. On the contrary, if you’re serious about remembering your dreams then you’ll need to think about reducing your caffeine consumption and other intoxicating substances.

If you really want to get your dreams back in your mind, then you’ll have to rethink some of your habits and that will only be for your own good.