Don't Sleep on These Latinx Fashion Designers

There’s definitely some big designers from Latin America, but it just begins to be recognized among wider public. We made a list of the most promising Latinx fashion designers who are about to blow up in the fashion industry. Some celebs are already wearing their clothes. Check their Instagram posts below.

Elena Velez

Teen Vogue called her a Next Generation big designer. Her celebrity clients include Kali Uchis and Charlie XCX. Her designs emphasize femininity. Many of her pieces are upcycled covers for boats and even ship steel – all that comes from her mother’s profession of a captain on a ship.

Iván Ávalos

At this point his clients are mostly Mexican celebrities, like Danna Paola, Paulina Goto, Barbara Islas, but it’s just a matter of time before more stars see his dresses and suites.

Raul Lopez

Pieces from his latest collection were seen on Rihanna and Solange. Another collection, called LUAR, from 2018 has been on fashion week’s runways.

Bárbara Sánchez-Kane

Sánchez-Kane flips Latin stereotypes for gender and as a result we can see her men’s clothes having girl patterns or satin in pastel colors.