Draw Days Tel Aviv - a New Type of Art Festival

DRAW DAYS Sketch & Talk festival is an art happening that intends to gather art-lovers, young and experienced artists and art hunter. All guests were able to become a part of an open discussion with acknowledged Israeli artists, made their own art pieces with the guidance of experienced curators, submitted their sketchbooks for an open exhibition and witnessed live art session with invited street artists.

The main concept of the live drawing session was to show the art activities in a process. Each artist focused on revealing the subjective grip of fleeting moments which comprises existence in a physical reality that itself holds bigger truths.

The whole performance took place in an empty pool area where 5 artists in 2 sessions drew on their own canvases each simultaneously during a limited time given (90 minutes).

Our visitors watched the process from the upstairs and witnessed the life cycle of painting – from the moment the idea is caught in the head of artists until the moment it is done.