Either a Child or an Adult, Peter Donnelly's Illustrations Can Appeal to Everybody

Peter Donnelly is an Irish author and illustrator. You can easily recognize his works by the nostalgic and playful tones he gives to his characters. He’s best known as an author of children’s books and illustrations, and has won and keeps winning big awards.

Thanks to his distinguishable style, he attracted and collaborated with such giant brands as McDonalds, Coke, Samsung, and Guinness. With such a loaded schedule he’s always open for something new and challenging.

“Usually I have three jobs going on at the same time,” he said once in an interview. “Switching from one to another is the best way for me to work as my perception refreshes and I can clearly judge and decide.”

“I have different kinds of clients and projects, from children’s books to branding,” he adds. “It seems like my style is universal enough to work for  all those different types of projects. There’s some nice vibes to my works that help people sell their products.” Donnelly said he can switch his style to something less playful and childlike if needed.

Whatever style he picks, the result turns out quite lovely.