Expand Your Jewelry Collection With This Fine Embroidery

“I have creativity in my blood,” – explains Philippine artist Ruby Thursday More. “I remember how my grandmother was making quilts for sell to farmers during the season.” she says in her bio. “She makes blankets, tea towels and tablecloth too. During my school years my mother would sew cases for pencils and throwpillows for a little income. She would ask me to cut away the excess of threads and I would do so sitting under her sewing machine.”

“That’s how my love of sewing and embroidery started.” The love that led her to making an Etsy shop to sell her special, embroidered earrings and necklaces. “Before the shop I used to be a freelance journalist – my main focus was photographs. Then I got pregnant and we decided that I should better stay home and take care of our child,” she tells her story in a blog. “It was about a year after my daughter was born when I realized I need to create again. I then listed all my skills and preferences and highlighted my love for fabrics, colors and drawing. I had some threads at the time, tried to embroider and, I know it sounds kind of corny, but I immediately fell in love with the craft.”

Ruby puts color on the first place of her inspiration list. The process is quite trivial – she surfs the Internet for colors and saves the samples for later use. After color her mood, memories and imagination all combined together let her create such appealing pieces.

“I try to take advantage of whatever portion of free time I get,” she said. “The stuff is quite portable and simple and the fact that I can take it anywhere and make my thing is great. No electricity needed, nor is Internet connection.” Check out some of her works below: