Father of Four Daughters Makes Hilarious Comics About His Everyday Life

It’s hard to imagine living in a house full of women. Actually to be the only man in a house. That’s what James Breakwell must have thought when he came up with an idea to start his own comics, which he named Unbelievably Bad Webcomics.

The name actually says it all – the comics’ characters are just primitive figures, like that on the door of a restroom, but such visual representation is actually makes the whole thing even more attractive and relatable. Each Instagram post on Breakwell’s page tells a story of him living with five women.

“All kids are weird and my comics shows the funny side of that,” said Breakwell. Adding that he doesn’t believe those who says their kids are normal.

Breakwell admits that the girls are not really into his comics. Every time he  puts out something new on his page his wife checks to see “what new shame he’s bringing on their family”.

“I don’t spend much time on making a new post, what’s more important is the jokes. I’m trying to absorb everything that is going on in the house and turn it into a funny story,” he explained.