Form in Abstractions of Maysha Mohamedi

The truth is usually more prevalent in abstractions, then it is in direct or literal art. It’s easier to find the truth in vague shapes and concepts and most of the times, truth pops out very definitely. That’s what we thought while looking at Maysha Mohamedi’s art.

Los Angeles based, Maysha puts intricate ideas and experiences on canvas. “I want my paintings to be true,” she once said. “I feel like it is possible if you don’t interfere into the transformation of the idea into the actual painting. It’s like my very self is important in the process, but not as much as the idea and it’s bare body. I look around myself and listen to my thoughts, children and the air. I’m kind of filtering this ambience of things around me.”

You can definitely recognize Iranian legacy in her works. Maysha said that she sometimes uses paint that she gets from Iran. “I used oil up until this moment,” she adds, “but now I need more practical materials that dry quicker and easier to work with. Say, acrylic, crayons and pencils.”

When I paint, it’s intuition and planning at play at the same time. “Everything is an inspiration,” Mohamedi said speaking on the sources that she draws her inspirations from. “I absorb and put out what I find worthy of putting out.” You could see her works in LA Times, in Huffington Post or you could also see her online – where she has a pretty dedicated base of followers.

Check out some of her Instagram posts below: