German Cafe Finds a Hilarious Way to Accept Visitors While Keeping Them Apart

Lockdown is slowly getting loose and some cafes and restaurants are opening their doors. Germany is one of the first European countries to start openly working. Germany managed to continuously lower the number of new virus cases and it is still a concern not to let the second wave start.

Restrictions under which restaurants can operate are so that customers are only allowed to stay outside. Café Rothe Schwerin is following these instructions by placing their tables 5 feet away from each other.

Image via Facebook

Cafe’s owner Jacqueline Rothe approached the distancing rule with some creativity though – she is giving her customers hats with pool noodles attached to them. In result it’s a really funny picture to see people wearing those hats. And customers seem to like it too.

Although it looks fun, it is not that necessary for customers to wear those hats during their visits. It was a single time for the reopening event and getting attention to the cafe. Said the owner to Bored Panda.