Get Cozy in Meghan Shimek's Wall Hangings

There’s something undeniably warm and comfy in textile art, particularly when it comes in the form of an intricate hanging wall piece. The large-scale, woven wall hangings from Meghan Shimek show how beautiful and cozy they are. Shimek’s path into weaving was not that straight-forward – before finding her true passion she studied nutrition.

She studied many different weaving techniques like Navajo’s, floor loom weaving and others before she came up with her own style of weaving, adding a contemporary touch to this old craft.

“Today I can say that weaving is the work of my whole life. That’s for sure!” – said Shimek in an interview. “It started in 2013 during a family visit. It was a class of scarf weaving that I took and got completely hooked. Since then I tried all the weaving classes and read all the books on the matter that I could find in order to learn as many techniques as possible.”

“Before weaving, I was not an artist at all and, truth be told, I wasn’t so  brave to immediately step in,” she says. But the community turned out to be really nice. “They are willing to share their work and explain the ways  they weave – we quickly gravitated towards each other and it’s wonderful.” she remembers.