Here's How to Succeed at Your New Job

Every time we start a new job we feel a little nervous and excited, for there’s a whole new era of our lives unfolds right before us. But don’t get lost in your dreams and big expectations about what’s going to happen for there’s still a lot of stuff to do and take into account in order to be a good employee.

First off, in order to make a good impression you should focus on the first three months at the new place. This period will show who you really are and what’s your worth.

Ask questions, be curious but don’t become a bother

Showing your interest about the company is crucial to making a good impression. Ask about things they do, about people who work there and anything related to the job but have limits too otherwise new people will take you as too pushy. Start from getting to know people around you. This way you’ll find out what the company is expecting from you and about the place they gave you.

Be friendly

Easy going people are always attractive. If you’re approachable, your colleagues will talk to you more and share useful details about the job, details that otherwise you’d spend much more time to find out. Come up with some basic questions and start the conversation, the rest will be on them. Plus, your bosses will see that you’re doing good at the new place.

Dedicate more time

One of the reasons you were accepted is because during the interview you made an impression of a resilient worker. So prove it. Even though you have a whole lunch hour, spend less time dining and return to work. Arrive earlier too. This may be tiring, but it’s going to pay you out in a long run.

Get yourself comfortable

Get to know the place. You’ll have to spend some time asking everyone about where the appliances are, where the staples at and so on, but this is a learning curve and is a must to know for you to comfortably operate. After a while people will admit your confidence at the place and this will serve for your good impression.

Don’t burn out at work

Work is an integral part of our life, and there are different periods in life. Any shift in a particular sphere of life leads to a loss of inner harmony. But it’s not always bad, it’s like any experience: the main thing is to conclude. Workaholism is like falling madly in love. Something becomes at some point more important than everything else and absorbs you completely. If you understand this and clearly realize that you have such a period and why it is happening now, everything will stabilize at some point. You will go through it, you will understand a lot about yourself and you will be able to find harmony without setting priorities.

My point of view
Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

The world doesn’t stop

No matter what happens now, no one will die, the world will not collapse, and the planet will continue to rotate. This is such a banal, at first glance, attitude, which I have always lacked, which led to panic attacks, self-flagellation, and other unpleasant feelings typical of people suffering from perfectionism. Second, delegate. Only to truly delegate, and not to do the work itself with someone else’s hands. Trust those with whom you work, be able to resist the desire to completely redo someone’s work, and stop thinking that only you can do everything right. Third, there is nothing wrong with doing something in B level.

One big thing a day

Set yourself one big task, focus on it, and complete it. This helps not to drown in a heap of smaller tasks and make a working leap. It is impossible to do two things at the same time – this is a known fact. It is important just to learn how to quickly switch from one to another, but only when the first thing is done. The main thing, in my opinion, is, in principle, your own attitude to work: to understand, realize, and accept (or change to accept). And certainly not to whine and not make yourself a martyr. As you know, we only do what we want.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter