Enjoy a Little Distraction with These Comic Illustrations

“You can sure call me a comedy nerd – the only thing I loved growing up was comedy: radio shows from the 50s, modern sitcoms, Tony Hancock, Seinfeld  and Alan Partridge.” says Leon Edler – a cartoonist and illustrator.

“I want to make something that makes people laugh. First I thought it should be some material for TV, but the instant and immediate delivery of cartoons made me switch to drawing them,” he explained. “I would draw one and show it to my friends and they’d laugh – that’s how I knew I should continue working  that way.”

More than a decade later, Edler is running his own studio in Brighton called Leillo. His portfolio has collaborations with such publications as The New Yorker, The Guardian, Vanity Fair and CNN.

“Everyone can be creative in a certain way. I’m sure about that,” says Leon. “But it’s usually a certain range of things that you’re creative at. If you really are creative, then there will be your need to create. But to make something good and outstanding, you have practice and learn yourself, learn what you’re good at specifically.” His style is mostly recognizable for its simple comic delivery.