Hilla Shamia Combines Aluminum with Wood To Make Her Furniture

Israel, Tel Aviv based, Hilla Shamia makes original, straight-forward-style furniture with a combination of real wood with aluminum. The first thing she puts in mold is wood, then she pours metal inside so it would cast around the organic base, thus preserving it’s natural shape resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

In an interview she explained how nature inspires her, how it always manages to produce something unique and longevous at the same time. “So I wanted to do my best at following the same path and make something really new. A thing that is meant to last too.”

To achieve smoothness on the tops, the gaps in raw eucalyptus and cypress are filled with hot aluminum. While the hot metal burns it creates a black carbon layer, covering the logs, resulting in a beautiful effect between the metal color and natural wood colors.

“We always work on researching new materials, shapes and how things change with time,” she said. Her creations would compliment any room they are placed in.

Check them out below: