How Important is Age, Really?

Most of us feel like modern wellbeing relies on several things, and one of them is our age. It’s true that people are being judged by their age, considering their maturity, success and so on. However, modern world brought us an ability to live longer.

It all Changes

A while ago our parents and our grand parents would have some expectations of their kids, of us but today it seems like this correlation of expectations has changed. Some time ago, for example, a woman was meant to get married in her twenties, have children and watch after the house. But these days it is way different – it feels like there’s no specific age for marriage. New attitudes, modern expectations has shaped how we see age as well.

Longer Lifespan

You could partly explain this by prolonged lifespans of modern people. If you’re not established in your twenties or even thirties, it’s not that big of a problem anymore – you can get all that later. However, some time ago those, who wasn’t established with a household was considered lost in life. These days people have more time on their hands and this fact has definitely affected the way we make our choices.

Remember, it’s all in the head

There’re enough elderly people who would say their minds are still sharp and running as they were in their twenties, while their bodies age. Of course they have a solid collection of experiences after being around for six or seven decades, but that’s how it is.