How to Beat the Summer Heat According to Ayurveda

The summer heat comes with a whole set of ‘fun’ experiences like dryness, digestion problems, and all kinds of skin issues. All this happens because the environment changes, but our eating and sleeping habits remain the same. We intuitively change our diet a little bit, but there are few rules you should follow to make your summer experience truly enjoyable. So, here’s how you can beat the heat according to Ayurveda.

Avoid Cold Beverages

Yes, according to Ayurveda cold drinks will do you more harm than good not only during hot summer days, but in general as well. Our bodies contain agni – the digestive fire that helps transform all the food we eat into energy. Cold drinks inhibit digestion, creating a heavy feeling in our bodies. It’s best to have drinks not colder than room temperature – they will hydrate your body and keep your digestive fire going.

Eat Cooling Foods

Apart from drinks you can also lessen your body temperature with various foods. There’s a reason we’re drawn to water-rich fruits in summer – watermelons, peaches, melons, and berries are perfect for hydrating our bodies and cooling us down. Cucumber, broccoli, and asparagus are among those pitta-pacifying foods you should add to your summer menu.

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Stay Active

While hot summer days don’t exactly inspire us to be more active and get even more sweaty, it is important to maintain a healthy routine and move as much as possible. Of course, doing it during the day would be unhealthy, so it’s best to become a bit of an early-riser in summer and get up early enough to go for a run, a swim, or do a session of yoga. Whatever works for you!

Avoid Hot Foods

In summer, you should be careful with spices like black pepper, ginger, garlic, and onion as they can raise your body heat considerably. You should also eat less carrots, beetroots, and various sour fruits. Salted cheese could create a heavy feeling in your body, hampering your digestive system. Oily and deep-fried foods would also make you feel heavy and tired. It’s best to eats lots of fresh salads and seasonal vegetables.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y