How to Prepare Your House for Thanksgiving

I wish that the fall will never end, but the weather inevitably starts to deteriorate, the length of daylight hours decreases, and the greenery on the street turns yellow and gradually disappears. It seems that no one can like the autumn period, but it is not necessary to try to “survive” – it can be lived with no less pleasure than summer. We will tell you how to prepare for the first cold weather and what you should do in your home now, so that autumn becomes not a painful time, but a natural and pleasant continuation of summer.

Keep warm

First of all, you need to take care not to freeze until you turn on the heating: be sure to check the tightness of windows and doors and, if necessary, insulate and seal them. If every year you have to sleep under two blankets and in socks, then you should take care of buying a good heater or one, but very, very warm blanket. Also, be sure to check the radiators – leaks or an inoperative switch during the first frost can significantly spoil your health, your nerves, and the nerves of your neighbors below.

Think about light

The summer-long sunny days are over, and every day it gets darker – this is one of the main disadvantages of autumn. Getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder, and the dim and gloomy artificial lighting does nothing to improve the situation. First, it is imperative to wash the windows – wiping off the summer dust from them, you will definitely notice the difference and for some time you will enjoy the clear and bright landscape outside the window. Secondly, you need to wipe the chandeliers more often and replace the old faded bulbs with new ones, bright and with a warm pleasant light: they will make your home environment play in a new way, and your eyes will not get so tired.

Thirdly, a special alarm clock with a built-in lamp, which turns on and gradually increases the brightness of the light for the set time before the call, will help to rejoice in every new morning. Light falling on the skin and eyelids reduces the production of melatonin, one of the main actions of which on the body is the regulation of sleep. These alarms simulate dawn, making it much easier to wake up.

Care about your food

It’s time to dry a bag of apples, roll up a few cans of squash caviar or even jam, squeeze all the juices from your favorite sweet pears, finally make cider and put a couple of watermelons on the balcony – if stored properly, they won’t spoil until the new year, but eat them November is also very pleasant. In the season, it makes sense to properly stock up on your own favorite tasty and healthy canned food or dried fruits – the main thing here is not to overdo it. Estimate how many blanks you will have time to eat in the fall, winter, and spring, and give the excess to your friends and relatives. Otherwise, jars of jam and vegetable caviar will snowball and take up extra space at home. Besides, throwing out the rolled blanks with your own hands in a few years will be corny offensive.

Check out your seasonal wardrobe

You need to prepare well for the autumn cold – make sure that your demi-season boots or boots are in order, if necessary, take the shoes to the workshop, change the heels, or fix the zipper. It’s time to get your favorite warm turtlenecks, sweaters, and coats, revise your wardrobe again and buy what you need as soon as possible – it can get colder, and the process of finding the right clothes is not always simple and quick. Now is the time to make sure that you have something to wear in the fall and winter and not get cold.

No matter how sad it is, you need to gradually wash, clean, disassemble, and put away summer clothes and shoes. Thousands of video instructions on YouTube will help you to fold your clothes compactly and quickly, you can learn from Marie Kondo the basic rules of storing and cleaning things (your apartment may have more space than you thought), and vacuum bags, organizers for shoes and small items and old ones will help save space. good hangers.

Make room for new things

General autumn cleaning has exactly the same advantages as general spring cleaning – it will be possible to start life from (literally) a clean slate after getting rid of summer dust, throwing away a heap of unnecessary things, or even a small rearrangement or cosmetic repairs. It is also worth disassembling the balcony, especially if it is open – frequent rains and snow can harm things that “temporarily” lie there. Think about a place for winter equipment: you may need skis, ice skates, snowboards, ice skates, and sleds, which should be kept close, as early as November. Similarly, with the first cold snaps, you can start moving the rollers, skate, scooter, or bicycle further away to free up space.

Fight dust and mold

In hot weather, air conditioners and ventilation work especially often and intensively, collecting dirt, plaque, mold, and fungal spores, which can significantly harm health (from bronchial asthma and weakened immunity to pneumonia and rash) and lead to a rapid breakdown of equipment. To make it easier to breathe in the apartment and sleep more comfortably, you should thoroughly clean the air conditioners (perhaps you should call a master for this), ventilation grills, and air humidifiers. If the mold has managed to grow and get to the walls and ceiling, be sure to call a specialist as soon as possible to remove it from the apartment and ventilation. You should not fight it yourself – there is a high chance of not achieving the desired result and getting health problems. Understand the ventilation, and immediately inhale deeply.

Prevent dirt

The autumn period is associated with rains and mud, and you want, if not sterile cleanliness, then at least prevent the appearance of dirty stains on the parquet and stains on the carpet. Rugs with a rubberized base on both sides of the front door will help to save the situation in the hallway (no, wiping your feet on the neighbor’s doormat is a bad idea. For the latter, it is worth buying a pallet or taking a special place where dirty water will drain from it. Cute and warm slippers or socks with a comfortable rubber sole that protects against slipping will help your feet to escape from the ubiquitous dust.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter