How to Prepare Yourself for Winter

The cold has finally come into their rights, and most of the day it is dark outside. But sitting on the couch all the time and grieving about the past summer is not an option. Winter will come in two weeks, and a sharp cold snap is already noticeable.

Try a new sport

Exercising (and movement in general) is a quick way to cheer up. Try something new and different – from rock climbing and Muay Thai to archery and diving. It is not necessary to stay in the gym: for example, you can go jogging in the cold, the main thing is warm equipment.

Go to the market

Look for seasonal foods such as pomegranate, turnip, pumpkin, kiwi, or avocado. At the same time, there will be a reason to try new recipes.

Take a look at something funny

Pick a good comedy (not necessarily one that just came out in theaters). Laughter makes us better – already a strong enough argument.

Get out into the sun whenever possible

If you have to go to work and return from it in the dark, try adding light at a different time: a half-hour walk during lunch or a walk to the park on a weekend will not only invigorate but also replenish the reserves of serotonin.

Adjust sleep patterns

Take care of your recovery: make your sleep more stable and work on hygiene. The rules are simple: try to go to bed and get up at about the same time, do not overeat at night, ventilate your bedroom before bed, and do not use gadgets an hour before bed.

Get out somewhere for the weekend

A change of scenery is a good way to break out of your routine. It is not necessary to leave for a long time, it is enough to get out, for example, to the suburbs or to a neighboring city for the weekend – to inspect the old estates, take a walk in the forest and return home with a clear conscience.

Meet your friends

A long conversation with friends whom you have not seen for a long time can sometimes give more vivid impressions than a trip or travel. So go through the list of contacts, remember who you can’t meet, and go ahead.

Dress warmly and just take a walk

Sometimes, to make things easier, just leave the house. The main thing is to choose clothes in which the grayest and dankest day will not be scary. Put on a warm sweater in a bright color, wrap a soft scarf around your neck, and go for a walk.

Learn something new

Choose an interesting online course or lectures on YouTube, or, for example, acquire a new hobby – from drawing with the Ebru technique and soap making to programming.

Spend the evening at home on the couch

From time to time, we all need to take care of ourselves a little more and let the nervous system reboot by simply doing nothing. When you have a good rest, you will clearly have more strength for new achievements – and with them, the blues will recede.


There is nothing criminal in wanting to stay tanned as long as possible, and it is better to smear a tube of cream on yourself than to fry in the sun. Normal self-tanning is unwanted, moisturizes the skin, and does not leave streaks. We advise you to pay attention to the Irish organic brand Karora – who, if not the people of this cold country, know everything about artificial tanning.

The bigger the better

Early autumn is not yet the time for rich, nourishing creams, but a standard light summer cream or gel for dry or tending skin will no longer be sufficient. Serums are not only a way to diversify routine care, but a really great help in it (more active ingredients in a small amount of the product are their distinctive property), which cool weather only favors.

Body care

If in the summer you can do without a moisturizer, then with a cold snap such a thing will not work (we will not even talk about winter temperatures and scalding heating). If laziness is a friend and enemy number one, the long-absorbing cream or lotion can be replaced with a rinse-off agent like shower oil or body conditioner. The former works simultaneously as a cleanser and nourishing agent, while the latter simply moisturizes quickly.

Lip balms

Providing unhindered access to lip balm at any time of the day or night is a manifestation of the self-preservation instinct. If the habit of using it at the slightest discomfort (or before it) has already formed, continue in the same spirit; if not, it’s understandable. The only but: balms should be of high quality, and not the first ones that come across, crammed everywhere just because it is not a pity to buy another one at the checkout.


Hurray, with a cold snap, you can return to primers and silicone textures (if they suit you): they will not overload the skin, as they would in the heat, but will create an additional barrier against imperfections in the outside world. And living with an ideal tone is much more pleasant.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter