How to Survive Everyday Struggles

A trip to a picnic or cottage

Even if you haven’t lived a day in a tent, you probably experienced moments when there was no time or money for the usual care (summer cottage or a long picnic). It is most reasonable to minimize the inconvenience in advance and think over what kind of cosmetics will be comfortable to be in nature – it may not be worth it to completely abandon it, but let the shadows, dense tone, and sculpting powder wait until better times. And “for every fireman” you don’t need to take them either – it is better to put plasters, more wet and ordinary wipes, dry shampoo, and lip balm (it can be used for cuticles as well). It is necessary to lighten the cosmetic bag to the maximum and equip it with simple but useful tools: even a harsh set of gel for washing, face cream, powder, and deodorant should be enough. A sanitizer will not be superfluous, and also do not forget the sunscreen and insect repellent. Keep in mind that most repellents – these are ointments, wipes, and aerosols – contain diethyltoluamide, which may not be safe when combined with the same hand cream (and in general, their smell does not bode well for the skin).

Long flight

Not very long flights usually go without excesses, but long ones are not easily tolerated – the air in an airplane is twice as dry as a comfortable norm for a person, which is why both the skin and the body as a whole experience discomfort (therefore, coffee onboard is taboo). The most important preparations for the voyage are made before him. Again, it is better not to paint too much – then in the air, it will be enough to wipe your face with make-up remover wipes – and correctly assemble your travel cosmetic bag. Moisturizing eye drops, “miniatures” and samples of creams for the face and hands, decongestants for the legs, and lip balm are the necessary minimum. If you wish, you can take with you a moisturizing mask (done already at the hotel or right on the plane), eye patches, micellar water, and, if you are prone to varicose veins, compression stockings. And one more thing: do not overeat either before or during the flight, and take a food that is not very smelling to the cabin – this does not directly affect your health, but respectfully towards passengers – which is easy to transport and eat (cold sandwiches are ideal).


First, at home, wash off your makeup and apply your usual cream (you can even make a mask if you are sure that you will not forget to wash it off in time). If you often have to work after midnight, it makes sense to purchase a remedy for night skin restoration – you cannot wear it during the day because of its oily content, but at night it is just right. It is best to change the lenses to glasses and put eye drops near the computer – in case you are lucky with your eyesight, “Natural Tear” will help keep your eyes comfortable. Few people manage to do without coffee and energy drinks, but at least try to drink a comparable amount of water (on days when there are no deadlines, this rule also works). A separate issue is a food: of course, time is running out, but this is not a green light for any junk. It is better not to eat sweets and fatty foods – firstly, the deadline will pass, and 10 sweets will not go anywhere “from the waist”, and secondly, after a heavy and high-calorie meal, you want not to work, but sleep. Better to stay a little hungry and take some crunchy vegetables with you to your compute


about last night
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Ideally, of course, all the hangover to sleep. If it didn’t work out, approach the problem philosophically: an unimportant appearance in the morning is not the worst thing that could happen. Therefore, before bothering about enlarged pores, you need to patch up the whole body: take a shower, have a hearty breakfast, drink strong sweet tea, generally have more liquid, if for some reason they did not do this the day before. Nutritionists also advise eating something sour – so the sharpened acid-base balance will soon return to normal. After that, you can already take care of cleansing and moisturizing masks (and for hair too), manicure, and patches against bags under the eyes – they are positioned as anti-aging, but they can be used occasionally by everyone. And we still insist on rinsing off makeup before bed – well, honestly, you can do it in almost any condition.

A trip to the sea

The main adverse factors are, in general, pleasant at the same time: sun, high temperatures, saltwater, unusual food. With the sun (the most important thing is the sanitary block) and the diet, everything is more or less clear (do not eat a bunch of unfamiliar food, collect the first-aid kit), with a high temperature – too. The skin and hair are very dry from seawater, and they need special care (some products are specially designed for such conditions, so be guided by them). To be clear, some styling sprays use a salt solution, or rather a salted solution, but it is much less concentrated than seawater, so it helps to fix the hair better without drying it out. When packing for a trip, you need to take into account the climate of the region where you are going to travel (the lower the air humidity, the more intensive care will be required), the season, and duration of the trip. In principle, you can travel light and buy the necessary cosmetics only on the spot – this is a great chance to try something new, however, there is always a risk of not finding suitable products. The most optimal advice – take what you need and what you love with you, and find auxiliary things on vacation.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter