How to Travel in 2021: Green Hotels and Microcations

The year 2021 is unfolding slowly as we speak, but the travelling situation is as vague as before. With travelling agencies offering more and more affordable tours to the moon and back, there is always a chance that flights will get cancelled the last minute and the whole tourism policy of the destination country will change in a fortnight. Lockdowns are happening on a regular basis, leaving travellers stuck between the desire to leave everything behind and escape abroad, and the fear of uncertainty – you may leave your home and never get back in time! So, what is travelling like in 2021?

There are Options

First and foremost, it’s not as grim as you might imagine. Lots of countries have opened up their borders and you can plan a vacation with a high degree of certainty to countries like Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt. Even Nepal has opened up its borders for visitors, making the whole entry procedure as smooth as possible. If the Himalayas are calling you – now is the best time to go as the most popular treks have close to no people at all!

Go on a Microcation

It’s true that long-term vacations abroad have become a bit of a stress trigger lately and only the most daring travellers are bold enough to go on such an adventure. Still, it’s not the only way you can travel and see something interesting. Even before the whole virus thing started microcations have been growing as a trend. Going on a microcation means you don’t need to book long-haul flights to tropical destinations, you might as well explore your own country which has just as many wonders to offer.

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If you’re living in huge countries like the U.S., Canada, China, or Russia – you can spend a lifetime exploring them alone! But even smaller countries have lots of interesting nooks to explore and gorgeous little cities you’ve never been to. This is the time to look at what’s closer to home – you’ll be surprised with all the possibilities!

Go Green

You might want to avoid big cities if you want to travel safer. Now is the time to explore all those beautiful vistas, high-peaked mountains, luscious plains, and natural resorts that might have seemed too uneventful before. Hiking is probably the best type of travel during these uncertain times – there are close to no people around you and you can stay out, exploring the wilderness, in a calm and peaceful environment. Another good option is staying at a green hotel hidden in a forest or high up in the mountains. Usually, they offer great commodities with breathtaking views – this way you’ll relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the bliss of nature without the need to stay in a tent and feed all those mosquitos.

Ivanna Y

Ivanna Y