How To Wisely Manage Your Budget

We all now that bitter feeling of checking your bank account only to see a fraction of what has left of the last paycheck. Maybe you can avoid restaurants, maybe you can’t. But no matter what your income is, there is always a way to have something at the end of the month.

Have a Plan

A good starting point would be a goal. Something that you really want but to reach it you have to save money. Start with small amounts and let the amount grow, after a while you’ll see plenty in reserve.

Half-30 and 20

There’s an approach to budgeting, according to which you should break your whole budget in a half first, spend it on all the necessary, that is bills and food, then take 30% of the other half and save it for whatever occasion you have in mind, the remaining 20% is what you can spend on yourself and have fun with. Of course you’ll have to alter the portions according to your needs and income, but you get the idea.

Photo by NORTHFOLK / Unsplash

Keep It Simple

Breaking your whole budget into categories may not be all that welcoming and fun, but it is an important step. Do not overcomplicate things, first off separate money for bills and food, then decide how to be with the rest of the budget.

Include Everything

If you want to start saving, you have to be honest with yourself. What does that mean? Don’t exclude any little expense, even that can of coke or donut. All those little things add up and matter in a long run. Of course you shouldn’t deprive yourself of donuts, but first and foremost, find out what your yearly expenses are, divide them by 12 and decide what amount you can afford for stuff like donuts.