Iconic Karl Lagerfeld’s Quotes

Slick ponytail, strict, almost sharp suits and black sunglasses are some of the attributes everyone recognizes Karl Lagerfeld for. But there’s much more than just physical appearance of the famous designer. Today we’ll dive into some of many legacies legacies one of the most prolific designers of the fashion world has left to us.

Karl Lagerfeld is known for loud statements: he can declare that the singer Adele is too fat, Russian men are ugly, and Greeks are corrupt. Incorrect words from the designers Chanel and Fendi have always become a news source and even inspired Flammarion to publish a book with his quotes. In the English-language volume The World According to Karl, Lagerfeld’s statements are accompanied by eight dozen illustrations by the artist Charles Amelin.

Mr. Lagerfeld’s View On Social Media

At fist it may sound counter-intuitive, but despite having enormous social media following, Lagerfeld wasn’t all that positive about social media platforms. “There’s something really sad about social media. It looks like people are talking to themselves instead of communicating to each other, like  mirror. And selfies, I hate selfies!.” As a designer his work would require a lot of communication with people and Lagerfeld usually insisted on live meetings and avoided online conversations as much as he could.

Mr. Lagerfeld’s View On Fashion

In an interview Lagerfeld had in 1991 he said, “It is ridiculous to claim there’s no fashion. No fashion is already a fashion. Fashion, just like with everything, is always on the go and moving, you either moving with it or you don’t.” During his career Lagerfeld proved to be moving with fashion and making its waves and tides. But whatever trends were, he always been able to preserve his own style and approach to fashion.

Mr. Lagerfeld’s View On Designing

For many prolific and successful people, whatever their field is the process comes naturally. And Lagerfeld was not an exception and wanted people to know that. “My designing process is an important part of my life, just like breathing. You don’t push yourself to breath.” This part explains pretty well how Lagerfeld managed to become what he was.

Mr. Lagerfeld’s View On Achievements

When Lagerfeld received the accolade in 2002 he said “This is an important event for me, no doubt. But my mind right now is all about the next collection.” Now we know what was the main push in Lagerfeld’s everyday life – his passion. He put his all into his brand and style and that worked out pretty well and he will sure be remembered for many years to come.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter