Illustrator Arpan Mazumder Shows How He Sees the Parallel Universe and Post-Lockdown Life

You can call Arpan Mazumder jack of all trades, the only thing is that he’s good at what he’s doing. Moreover, he has his own distinct style that immediately strikes the viewers’ eyes. He’s an urban planner and architect by profession and a cartoonist, doodler, and illustrator by the call of the heart. Arpan says that sketching and doodling are very therapeutic.

“Things around me, my own feelings, and experiences are my main source of subjects I pick for my future illustrations. It can be literally everything”, he explained on his website.

One of his cartoon project is about a parallel universe.

“I believe many of us had thoughts about us, humans, on this planet is not the only one in this huge universe. When creating this series I was trying to imagine how, if such a planet or universe could be, the regular life was going on down there”, Mazumder said in an interview.

One more of his projects was dedicated to post-lockdown life and its possible funny situations. A lot of people are extremely irritated that they must wear masks as it makes breathing more difficult. But they don’t think about the benefits it can bring. For example, you don’t have to fake a smile or people can’t see your angry face. Or, instead, you can laugh from someone’s ridiculous behavior without being noticed. Arpan teaches us to take it easy in a funny and humorous way.

In an interesting ‘A-Z of Lockdown’ series, Arpan presents a new goal of the English alphabet during the quarantine time. Nowadays, M stands for a mask, V for a vaccine, and Z for Zoom. These eye-catching words attract A LOT of attention and everyone has to say them at least once a day, especially when the pandemic is around us.

Talking about the quarantine, the artist created a series of commonly used household items we have used during the lockdown and their ability to speak. Let’s be honest here, haven’t you considered the possibility that your old toy could speak? At least one in your life! At least in childhood! I have! And Arpan has too, we suppose. Frustration, happiness, irritation, wonder, joy — you can observe different human emotions that our items could have in another life.

If you want to dive into this strange but chucklesome artist’s works about the parallel universe, new alphabet goal, and many others, make sure to check out his Instagram page.

Anna Andrukh

Anna Andrukh