Impressive Portraits Made of Unspun Wool by Salman Khoshroo

Born in Iran, Salman Khoshroo is an artist who is known for his incredible portraits that he makes of unspun wool. He tucks locks of wool onto a soft board in a way the result resembles a human face.

Khoshroo was born in 1983 in Iran and had a chance to grow up in New York, where he studied digital art after enrolling at the Australian National University. In 2004 he relocated back to Iran.

“The current state of humankind is very fragile and unstable. I feel like I need to find new ways to express it,” Khoshroo explained in his interview to This is Colossal. “Wool not only makes you warm, it brings warm feelings just by looking at it. It makes my portraits somewhat sentimental, in a good sense though.”

His Instagram pages has more than 80 K followers already – make sure to join them and check the rest of his beautiful works. Some of them are listed below.