It Seems Like Taking Too Much Overtime Won't Pay Off Good Health-Wise

Many people work over the norm. Most of them need more money and another, smaller part is trying to make an impression of a resilient worker and impress their boss for promotion. But besides getting paid more, what’s the other price we’re paying for working overtime?

Your Body Won’t Thank You

Too much work is of no good for your body. It’s called getting burned out, its first symptoms are feeling exhausted and squeezed. Be advised that too much work lowers your immune system thus increasing your chances of getting sick. Those who work 40 hours/week are already in a risky zone of burnout compared to those whose working week hours are only 35. ABC News’ study shows how working overtime brings all kinds of problems like with your heart!

Your Mental Health Suffers Too

Longer work days will eventually break your sleeping schedule and, if you keep doing to for too long, it may lead to a number of chronic problems. Irregular patterns of your sleep is a direct cause of a constant exhaust, which is definitely not beneficial for your productivity, let alone your wellbeing. If you driving a car you should consider taking substantial sleep everyday, otherwise you’re risking your life and lives of others.

You Will Need More Time To Recover, And This Could Be A problem Too

The obvious way out of yourself being ran into the ground is taking a break. Being completely wiped out you’ll need a longer rest from work. That long break from work can be a reason for lower morale in the company and your own too. How does low morale affect people? It is sure very individual, but some ways of coping with the issue is overeating, drinking and smoking. You know how that affects you in a long run, right. That’s why you need to take more care of yourself and make only those choices, that will keep you healthy for as long as possible.