Jonas Brothers' Memoir is Reportedly Postponed

Jonas Brothers explained in a Twitter post that now is not the best time for their memoir called ‘Blood’ to be released. They added how important it is for their perfect memoir to be shown at the right time and while they’re waiting, they continue working on it too. They’ll update fans once they know the exact date of release.

The Brothers set the release to 20th October, which was announced in February this year. Yet, the actual date is not clear. ‘Blood’ tells the story of the band, from its creation to big fame and inside stories of the brothers. The memoir was co-written with N. Strauss and is allegedly a raw, intense story of brothers who got to learn the life and fame together.

The band got its second wave of fame last year when they reunited again, made a top hit song on Billboard, two doc-movies, and a tour.

What are the brothers doing?

Joe Jonas

Joe began developing a solo album even before the band split up, and in 2011 he successfully announced it. With his songs, he performed as an opening act for Britney Spears, as well as on a joint tour with Jay Sean, an American singer. But after a few years, Joe decides to form a new band and calls it “DNCE”. After the very first album, the group immediately begins to gain popularity. And not so long ago, DNCE released a hit together with Niki Minaj, which still holds high positions in many charts. Joe can be congratulated on another amazing event. More recently, the young man, along with his beloved Sophie Turner, announced their engagement and are expecting a baby.

Nick Jonas

Nick became the only one of the brothers who were able to successfully build a solo career. Since 2014, the young man begins to work on an album, one of the songs of which becomes the most popular and requested on the radio in the United States. Nick’s musical career continues to this day. Releasing all new albums, the singer continues to gain popularity. It is worth noting that he managed to succeed in the acting field, the guy has more than thirteen roles on his account. Now he is happily married to Priyanka Chopra.

Kevin Jonas

While still in the group, Kevin marries Daniel Delice, a provincial hairdresser. One of the most romantic couples in Hollywood plays a wedding in a chic castle and invites hundreds of guests to it. A few years later, their first child is born, the girl was named Elina Rose. And two years later, the second baby, Valentina Angelina, is born. The ex-member of the group never continued his musical career. Having ceased to participate completely in Hollywood life, Kevin, apparently, decided to completely devote himself to family life.

Anastasia Fetter

Anastasia Fetter