Julieta Álvarez Makes Ceramics the Way You've Never Thought of It

You cannot deny that we’re living in the age of ceramics: in your kitchen and in your garden, these places are hard to imagine without ceramic goods. But sister Julieta Álvarez took ceramics even further – thanks to her you can now have ceramics in your wardrobe.

Madrid based ceramic brand named Julieta Álvarez produces handmade ceramic pieces, which are, therefore, unique. Alvarez used to work with fashion and graphic design and loves how versatile ceramics is. “The material lets you do almost everything you want to do with it and I love it,” she said in an interview. “You always learn new things through experiments with it. You can make jewelry or sculpt things or just let your imagination flow in any given direction.”

Sisters’ Jewellery, objects and sculptures were shown in many museums and galleries, like Pompidou and Luxemburg Contemporary Art Museum.

Here’s what we picked for you to check out: