Kelli Laderer Doesn't Beat Around the Bush

Kelli Laderer’s page on Instagram has become something so positive and funny for us, that it’s almost became our comfy place for distraction. An illustrator and hand-lettering artist, her posts burst with bright colors, geometric shapes and read simple but catchy phrases. And such content seem to attract more and more people.

Laderer says her art is mostly based on her own experience and is pretty much a result of all the trial and fail she had during her life. “My art has become a story of my own life, pictured in these short phrases and bright color schemes”, she said in an interview.

“I’ve spent many years learning about art from other people, from teacher and mentors”, she recalled. “But, at some point, I switched the path and went to college to learn graphic design. I had to go through all those college years and graduate only to realize I have to get back to art and continue doing that,” she continues. “I’d try to find something useful in everything I was encountering throughout those years, make my thing and finally share it.”

Having graphic design in her background and love for art and life, her ultimate goal is to spread positivity. On her website she emphasizes her concern of the ecological state of our planet too – “Heated planet and plastic suck! So I only choose people of the same attitude.”